City of Zagreb - Importanne Centar & Importanne Galleria

Company PARKING TIM d.o.o. presents its professional car washes - CENTER CAR WASH located in the center of Zagreb and Rijeka (more about our car-wash: 

In the city of Zagreb, our car washes are located in the shopping mall Importanne Center on level -3 and in the shopping mall Importanne Galleria on level -4 in the center of Zagreb, offers its visitors a service that meets the needs of all generations.

Importanne Centar is more than two decades an integral part of urban life in Zagreb. Located in the city center, Importanne Center through two decades offers to its visitors the service which meets the needs of all generations. Per week through Importanne Center passes over one million people, making it the most visited shopping center and one of the most visited places in Zagreb. The first and longest-running Croatian shopping mall therefore never sleeps and always impresses with its positive energy.

An accelerated pace of life and a growing lack of leisure time which characterize our daily life awakened in us the need for a unique place that will satisfy all your needs. Whether it's the shopping, drinking coffee with dear people or simply escape from everyday worries and problems. Importanne Center is the first shopping mall in Zagreb, which more than two decades offers its visitors a plenty of interesting content in the most visited part of the city. Over 200 shops and catering facilities with total area of 31,000 square meters located at the crossroads of all city routes (railway and bus stations, major tram lines, etc.), to visitors of Importanne Center offers a wide variety of products and services and give them a unlimited possibilities of choosing between different fashion brands and numerous social activities. More than 200,000 people every day have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of events and attractive programs, free entertainment and offers of various restaurants.

TXT centarContact information for booking for the city of Zagreb - IMPORTANNE CENTAR: GSM: +385 (0) 91 33 10000, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Book online at:

Importanne Galleria is the second opened shopping center, located in the city center and extends over 3 floors where you can find a large selection of well-known brands of shoes, clothes and accessories.

Regardless of whether you socializing in good company and in pleasant atmosphere while drinking your morning coffee, or might want to find something nice for your loved ones, Importanne Galleria is an ideal place for the realization of all your wishes. Importanne Galleria all these years tirelessly listening to the needs and desires of its visitors forming its own offer according visitors preferences. Visitors have at their disposal a spacious garage with over 500 parking spaces, and our professional team on floor -4 Importanne Gallerie in car wash - CENTER CAR WASH will take care of your four-wheeled friend.

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Contact information for booking for the city of Zagreb - IMPORTANNE GALLERIA: GSM: +385 (0) 91 33 10001, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Book online at:

As a reference company PARKING TIM Ltd. may include management of public garages, parking lots, consulting and elaboration of a study of various traffic solutions for numerous municipalities and cities, cooperation with international manufacturers of parking systems, etc. Our service is the end result of our efforts in a constant effort to improve the quality of it, and following this course we opened the CAR WASH - PARKING TIM at garage Zagrad.

The main task of facility management is to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase customer satisfaction. With a synthesis of knowledge and many years of experience we strive to elevate this segment of our offer by introducing innovations, providing the quality of service and the price in the best possible proportion in the pursuit of complete satisfaction of all users.

Parking Tim's employees are the source of our strength. They actively participate in the creation of our reputation and our vitality. Teamwork is our basic human values, and mutual trust and respect are essential for the successful way to guide the business. Our commitment towards work and our customers is focus on everything we do, always bearing in mind primarily the interests of our customers.

We hope that our vision and quality of service and innovation in the operational part of our business will be recognized and respected as well in the future by our current and new clients.




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